Hello, my name is James and I’m addicted to fly fishing. My wife thinks I need some help. I told her I would never go anywhere that would get me to stop this addiction. I wonder if she was really talking about fishing here. Well I’ve been addicted to fly fishing for a little more than 30 years and it just doesn’t get old. A heart attack took me out of the game for 4 years, the hardest four years of my life but the first day I was allowed to fish again I headed to Quarryville with my wife in tow, just in case I collapsed or something. The way I look at things is I’d rather go fishing than any other way, right??

Today I don’t just fly fish for Atlantic salmon and trout. ghostwriter hausarbeit. I also fly fish
for smallmouth bass and chain pickerel. That’s a unique expreince you have to experience for yourself.