In the world of sport fishing, catfish often are thought of as opportunistic bottom feeders. While this is mainly true, they can be more predatory than most anglers realize. Catfish can be caught in many different water conditions using several different baits and techniques.

If you want to fish during the day and endure the summer heat, you can catch some nice sized catfish. In fact, the biggest drawback to this daytime fishing is that it’s not very comfortable for the fisherman. To locate the catfish during the hot part of the day, look for deep water areas with ample cover. If you can locate a spot that’s 10 – 15 feet deep and in a shadow, you might just be in luck. Looking for boat docks, standing timber and other such cover during the day will help you find catfish hiding in the shadows. Stand out in the sun for 10 minutes in the summer heat, and you’ll know why the catfish are hiding in the shadows.

During the summer, the biggest catfish will be caught at night in shallow water. They will bite almost anything that moves or smells and if you do some chumming, you can help draw the catfish into a more concentrated area. Be willing into the shallow waters and fish right up against the banks. I’ve caught many catfish over the past few months in less than five feet of water.

Fishing the banks at night is fun but I personally like fishing for catfish in moving water streams and rivers. Here I look for areas where deeper holes meet flats, bars or shallower riffles because the fish will move from one area of deep water to another. This is especially true after nightfall. This is why night-fishing in the summertime is among my favorite approaches to catching big catfish.

Catfishing is a great way to spend time with family or friends. I like to make a weekend of it so I can fish during the day and at night. I pack my camping tent and take off to my favorite fishing hole on Friday and don’t go home until Sunday. I always remember my barbecue tools because nothing tastes better than fresh fish for dinner. But, you know, sometimes they’re not biting so I always fill up my picnic cooler with enough food to make it through the entire weekend. After all, who wants to lose fishing time running to the market for food?

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