casey-fishingFriend and fishing buddy Casey emailed me Friday to see if I was up for a day of fishing Saturday.

He hadn’t quite made up his mind as to where to go, Cassidy Lake or the Saint John river and Harts Lake.

I told him I love fishing Cassidy lake but I had never fished in the Saint John river or Harts Lake in the 30 years I have lived in New Brunswick.

I’m so glad we headed to Jemseg and the Saint John river.

The water temperature is still kind of cool early mornings so we planned to leave at 9, although Casey tends to show up about a half hour early which always makes me happy.

Knowing he would most likely show up early I decided to take Jenny for breakfast as I wouldn’t see her all day but I knew I better be back before 8:30, so it was an early breakfast at Hynes restaurant on Mountain road Moncton,

Sure enough Casey was 30 minutes early.

We were both anxious to fish making the trip seem longer than it really is but finally we arrived. I believe it was the TCH bridge at Gagetown where we launched.

Launched From Under The TCH Bridge Gagetown

After a few system checks we were launched and heading across the river. Our day of fishing had begun.

Casey getting his boat ready at the boat launch on the Saint John river
Ready To Hit The Water

Once we reached the other side of the river Casey lined us up for trolling down towards Harts lake but close enough for me to also be able to cast to the shore line.

He likes to laugh at me jumping around the boat casting everywhere. He does keep an eye on the rod I’m trolling with so I don’t miss anything when my backs turned.

Tried Something New

rapala-countdownOur last day out, at Cassidy lake I just didn’t have any luck trolling. I think I would have done better if I wasn’t changing my lure so often.

I couldn’t seem to find a lure that didn’t hit bottom and kept changing lures all day long.

By the end of the day my butt was pretty sore as Casey kicked it hard that day.

I thought about trolling and made the decision to pick one lure and stick with all day.

I love my Rapala lures so I picked one that would run at about 5 feet. That was my little Rapala countdown, about 3″ long with a perch pattern.

The plan seemed to work perfectly as I caught the first fish, a smallmouth bass and then the second fish, a small pickerel.

Then I hooked a smallie and then a pickerel while casting under the trees along the bank. I was using a 5″ red senko worm for casting to the shoreline.

I didn’t use the red senko worm all day. Where the shoreline was clear of dead or downed trees I switched to a Rapala lure that looks like a shrimp.

I’ve caught a lot of smallmouth bass using that over the years but this day it didn’t do anything. They wanted that red worm.

Breath Taking Scenery

The scenery along the Saint John river is beautiful and I’m always happy to be the passenger on these trips so I can take pictures and watch the scenery go flying by.

The picture below reminds me of a little island my brother and I used to camp on in Gorgian Bay Ontario many moons ago.

What A Gorgeous Day We Had

This picture was taken early in the day and shows a few clouds but they soon disappeared leaving a beautiful clear sky all day.

Casey, you picked the perfect day for fishing thanks.

Even the wind was on our side. Just enough of a breeze to keep us from frying in the sun but not enough to even make waves.

I think I mentioned I caught the first few fish. Did I mention that Casey?

We reached the entrance to Harts lake and moved out of the river which excited me again. Another spot I had never fished before then.

Entrance to Harts Lake

We fished up through Harts lake catching pickerel all the way although more we under 20 inches. I did catch one that went 21 inches but it was a fatty making me think it was much bigger.

As we were going through the channel into Coy lake we saw that the water was still high and a lot of trees are living in rather soaked conditions.

Spring Flooding Slowing Going Down

Some of the places we fished sure looked like farmer’s fields covered in a couple feet of water.

Coy lake didn’t seem to be very deep, even though the water was high, so I’m not sure what it would be like when the water goes down.

I think this would be a canoe or float tube lake once the water drops but I would bet the pickerel would be thick in there.

Casey practiced using his new trolling motor. That’s going to be coming in very handy as the weed start getting thicker.

At the end of our day, as we were trolling back up to the launch area I was still using that same Rapala countdown and had one smallie right after the other, all the way back to the bridge.

Mmm Victory Tastes So Good

icecreamWhen we go fishing we usually have a little contest where the NON winner gets the privledge of buying ice cream for the winners.

At the end of our day of fishing I had hooked and landed just over 40 fish.

I believe Casey had 24 fish so I got free ice cream, which in my humble opinion always seems to taste better.

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