casey-fishingGot an email from Casey inviting both Jamie and I for some fishing fun, last Friday. I jumped all over that opportunity however Jamie had already been invited for not just one fishing trip but two of them. What a popular guy Jamie is. I’ll be waiting to hear how his two day fishing trip on Ormocto lake turned out. It’s his first time there and I’ve never been there, yet. Casey wanted to give the Salmon river from Grand Lake out of Grand lake. He did this run last year with another friend and had a great time. It sounded great to me. I have fished a few coves off the Salmon river but never actually fished the river itself. By 6 Friday morning we were on our way. Whenever I am heading that way I like to see what the water in the Cannan river looks like and this morning it was like glass, just the way I love it. We weren’t slowing down so I had to snap a picture on the fly. It looked perfect to me.

Cannan River Reflections

We took a few minutes and stopped at the bridge I first tried out my float tube at about 20 years ago. It didn’t really look like a spot you’d want to try backing a boat into.

Checkout The Scenery

I remember that day was about the hottest of the year. I was niche to be so close to the water as it was easy to soak myself to keep cool that day. It’s a beautiful spot as you can see from the picture below. Made me want to run back to the truck to get my fishing gear.

Breath Taking View And The Fishing Rocks

We only hung around admiring the view for a minute or two as we were eager to get to the boat launch at Chipman and start fishing the Salmon river for some Pickerel or Smallmouth bass fishing.

Chipman Boat Launch

It didn’t take long to get the boat in the water. At this point there wasn’t a breath of wind, just the way I like it when pickerel fishing.

All Well, Let’s Launch

The water temperature was only about 64 degrees so I suggested we hit a little back bay where the water might be warmer. Just up from the bridge there’s a nice cove so we gave it a try. It didn’t take long to notice the water was still quite high compared to other years I’ve fished there. casey-pickerel It didn’t take Casey long before he hooked the first fish of the day and actually landed it. Turns out it was the biggest fish of our day as well at 24″. I grabbed the rubber net and brought it into the boat. You have to love those rubber nets, especially when things are a big tangled up like that pickerel was in the leader. Two seconds to get it untangled from the rubber net. Would have been a lot longer on the old net. I don’t usually use a net for that reason but I grab that rubber net every chance I get now as it’s quick and doesn’t seem to hurt the fish at all. Casey cast his RED WORM into some lilypads not far from the boat and, just as we love it, the water exploded and he had another pickerel.

Love Fishing To Lily Pads For Bass And Pickerel

I wasn’t even getting a strike and before I knew it Casey was up to four pickerel leaving me to take pictures. Then the wind started and the fish turned off, for hours. We left the cove and hit the river for a bit of trolling to see how we’d do at that. Still now fish. Actually we never had a strike while trolling, not a single one all day. We moved into another small bay after some time on the river and I finally had the chance to give my brand new Ugly Stik Lite combo a try. I was so pleased with how smooth the casting was on my Ugly Stik and Shakespeare reel that I was probably casting further into the weeds than I should have been. Of course my first strike was about a hundred feet out into the thick weeds and the battle was on. I’m happy to say I landed that fish after a few minutes fighting him and the weeds. Then another cast and another pickerel, I was catching up. Before long I was tied with Casey. He hadn’t even had a strike while I was catching up but once it was 4 all it only took about a minute and Casey landed #5. What a show-off. I would never do that to a buddy. Ha

All in all the day was a lot of fun and Casey and I spent most of it laughing at the silly things we say and do. By the way I love to have people take me fishing and I’m already packed for the next day on the water.

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