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I was out fly fishing with a friend near Sussex, New Brunswick. We were having great fun fly fishing for brookies in an area I hadn’t fished for about 8 or 10 years. It brought back great memories of hours and days of fun fly fishing.

I was just sitting here this morning starring out my office window into our backyard garden.

about a month ago and this morning I was looking at some pictures of the day. It brought back some memories of fishing a little further up

I have fished in the Kennebecasis River, both spin casting and fly fishing, they both provide a lot of fun. I have only ever fished brook trout in the river I have had some good early season feeds of trout over the years.

I’ve never fished the lower part of the Kennebecasis River as I don’t usually fish much past Sussex. It might be fun from a float tube or canoe but I usually fly fish on foot. It just so peaceful to walk the river putting fly in just the right places and taking in the scenery.

I do remember one day I was out on the Kennebecasis with a friend from work who asked if I would take him to a few of my trout spots.

I was catching small brookies everywhere but my friend was just learning and didn’t take instruction well. I would tell him to fish a spot I would point out and he would walk right up to the spot and then step right into it. I was getting very frustrated and the day was still young. It was almost like he was doing it on purpose to see how long before I would explode.

Then he made a few false casts and just before he made his finally cast his fly hit the water behind him and he hooked into the biggest trout I have ever seen in the Kennebecasis River.

Well we both started laughing and he didn’t have a clue what to do. I did my best to guide him and he was able to fight this huge brook trout for about 5 minutes or so, although sometimes it seems longer, so I am not exactly sure how long. Then he decided to drag it up and over a log to land it.

I yelled the best I could telling him not to do that but it was too late. As soon as he started dragging his fly line over the log, which came up out of the water about 3 feet, it was gone.

I wasn’t happy at all because I couldn’t believe someone would do such a bone-headed move as that. I was sure he was just trying to tick me off. All the years I had fished this river and never caught a trout more than 14″ long and he accidentally hooks into a monster only to try and drag it over a log.

It’s been a long while since I have fished the Kennebecasis River but have some great memories.

Another memory just popped into my head. The Kennebecasis River, where it turns and heads toward Fundy Provincial Park, I saw my first and only albino whitetail deer.

I was walking in the river, quietly casting here and there and heard a noise above me. I looked up, just ahead of where I was fishing and the deer was standing on the edge of a small cliff face looking out over his domain. That was before digital cameras and I was never able to take pictures until cameras had anti-shake capabilities as I shake too much to take pictures.

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