Jamie’s King Of The Happy Dance

Looking at the image on the left can you tell Jamie’s happy to be out fishing again? That’s his happy dance, what a great job and I didn’t realize he was so talented.

I was doing the happy dance getting from the canoe to the bushes.

Jamie Suggested The Oromocto River

We have fished the Saint John river from Jamie’s canoe and had fun and good fishing but every time a big boat flies by leaving us in it’s wake it gets tense turning the canoe into the waves. So for that reason we thought the Oromocto river would be a bit safer feeling.

The fact the Oromocto is a narrower river with trees along it’s bank might help us if the wind picked up throughout the day.

We left Moncton while the sky was clear and starry but once we got past Jemseg the sky was thick with clouds.

As we arrived we could see that others had already launched before us and two guys were launching as we pulled down to the beach where we launched.

A few minutes later we were on our way up river and there wasn’t any breeze at all. Perfect.

Not long after we started a big hole opened in the clouds and the sun burst onto the scene completely blinding me. It made the trees look so awesome but it was painful. I wish my glasses would go a whole lot darker.

You know that feeling when the early morning sun hits your eyes after a night of too many beers around the campfire. Well the was how I felt when the clouds parted and the sun hit me right in the face.

The Sun Rise Lights The Forest

I was so glad when we came to a bend in the river that put the sun to one side.

Jamie Sees The First Action

I seem to remember Jamie used to wait until I had my first fish before he started catching but not this day. Not long after we started fishing Jamie switched his firetiger pattern lure to a green 5” senko worm that he had wacky rigged.

I think it was on his second or third cast into the structure and Jamie had the first fish on. I did a great job of netting his bass. Love that rubber net.

We’ve had a few days this year that we went a long time before seeing any fish so this was a great start to our day.

Jamie has the first, biggest and most fish, so far

jimwithbassOnce Jamie had the first fish I didn’t take long catching up, maybe 10 minutes later.

My first bass wasn’t as big as Jamie’s first but now we were tied up.

I was using a #3 Silver & White Mepps that had a skirt with white feathers.

If you look close at my left hand you can see the Mepps, a little bit.

I would say we were having a perfect day so far. No wind, rain or cold weather, although we had on a few layers but were very comfortable.

The Silver & White Mepps, and the Red Devils were the best lures of the day by far.

Love Having The Trolling Motor Along

I remember when I had my canoe I didn’t have a trolling motor and would use up a lot of energy on those windy days. It’s so nice to have a trolling motor. Nice to save all our energy for casting and catching fish.

We started fishing just after 7am and fished until about 7pm. So that was 12 hrs of trolling and fishing. The trolling motor battery did run out of energy about 15 minutes before we were back at the launch so Jamie paddled the rest of the way.

I was wondering if the trolling motor would have lasted longer had Jamie not brought so much tackle but then I thought it better not to say that as he could have left me home. Smile Ha Ha

Jamie, How Are You Able To Fit In The Canoe?

Trolling Didn’t Produce A Single Strike

Even though we spent most of the day casting to structure and shore line we did do a fair bit of trolling while casting but never seen a single strike all day long. I thought that was strange as we always catch something, even a perch, but not this time.

Our Two Biggest Bass of The Day

DSCF0417jamies-smallieI hooked into a nice fat bass that put up a great fight and even jumped clear of the water a few times.

Each time it jumped I thought it would spit the hook but, even after Jamie tried releasing it with his rubber net, I managed to get it in the canoe.

That smallmouth bass measured in at 18 inches in length.

Jamie’s biggest bass of the day was 16 inches and fought like it was at least 19”.

We reached this one section of the river that seemed to have a lot of pickerel in it although it didn’t look any different than any other part we had fished.

Jamie managed to catch all the little pickerel so that I could get at the bigger ones, he’s good like that.

I would say that we caught 10 or 12 pickerel in that stretch and then they stopped again and the bass took over.

The Fish Action Stopped

I always look forward to fishing at dusk as it always seems to get a little wild about that time but not on October 22, 2011. As soon as we started to lose the light the fish shut right down, completely, not even a strike for the last half hour of our fishing day.

At the end of it all we had a great day, plenty of fish to keep us happy and talking all the way back to Moncton and Riverview. Actually we may have caught more fish on this fishing trip that any other all year.

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