canada-dayI’m proud to be Canadian, eh and spent it doing something I love, fishing with a friend.

Jamie picked me up and we were on the road to Chipman just before 5am.

I had everything ready Thursday evening so all I had to do was get up, grab some breakfast and be ready to jump in as Jamie drove by my house.

I’ve mentioned Jamie a few times in my posts but just in case you’re not sure who he is he’s the owner of and he loves to fish, maybe even as much as I do.

Here’s a link to his Fishing Fun in New Brunswick website, be sure to check it out and let him know what you think about his fishing adventures.

Fishing Fun in New Brunswick
Fishing Fun In New Brunswick

What The Heck Is That?

We turned off the main highway and came up over a hill on highway 10 into Chipman. Just as we came over the top of the hill I said what the heck is that, a new mountain where Chipman used to be or what.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. It’s a little dark but I am sure you can see the huge fog back we were about to enter.

Even though the fog looked bad it lasted about two minutes and all was clear from then on.

Welcome to Fog Mountain

We drove through a rather quiet Chipman, well except for the guy in front of us who was moving at turtle speed. He must have known we were going fishing.

Early Morning Red Bank

We came up around the corner to the point we could see the water and it was like a mirror, my favourite water to fish. Now I was really hyper.

Jamie backed his car and canoe down to the water and in minutes we were chain pickerel fishing for the first time this year.

I drank a big mug of coffee on the drive so I needed to relieve myself and thought you might like to see the beautiful scenery New Brunswick has to offer, even while taking a leak.

Breath Taking Scenery in New Brunswick

The entire day was cloudy which helped to keep it from getting too hot which was just fine with me.

The thing I don’t care for the most when fishing is the wind, especially when in a canoe but Friday was almost wind-less making for the perfect day in my books.


Before we got in the canoe for the day I thought I would practice my victory dance.

Our day started on the side of the road at Redbank the river is on which is always my first choice before moving to other great locations along the Salmon river.

We fished there for a few hours, caught a few pickerel and then moved through the culvert to the other side.

culvert-pickerel The water was still high enough for use to run the canoe and trolling motor right through. Sure beats carrying the canoe to the other side.

Lucky for me Jamie was driving which gave me first shot at the other side, as soon as I was close enough to cast out of the curlvert.

Immediately a nice little chain pickerel smacked my worm.

Screaming fish-on in a culvert sounds pretty cool.

Usually we will fish pickerel right until dark if the conditions are right but Jamie mentioned giving the Saint John river a try at about Jemseg.

Casey and I had been there a couple of weeks ago and had a great time so I was certainly up for that, but that’s another story for another day.

We arrived back home to find it had rained hard there making us feel even better about how nice the day was for us.

I drifted off to sleep watching the fireworks over the trees in our backyard, what a great ending for the perfect Canada Day.

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