The Atlantic salmon is so much fun to watch jumping clear of the water. And of course fly fishing for the Atlantic salmon can be an adventure of a life time. I have been enjoying our New Brunswick rivers for about 3 decades now and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the available salmon waters here.

This Video Shows Atlantic Salmon Jumping Up Rapids


One of the most famous Atlantic salmon rivers in New Brunswick is the Restigouche river. My wife Jenny is from Campbellton New Brunswick, right on the Restigouche river so when we would visit her parents I would usually drop Jenny off at the house and I would head up to Tide Head until it was completely dark, fishing trout and Atlantic salmon.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing The Restigouche River, New Brunswick

My first experience with salmon fishing on the Restigouche was at Tide Head New Brunswick, back 30 years ago. I was actually fishing brook trout at the brook the flows into the main river. It’s so much fun with light line and a tiny trout flies.

It was actually dark but of course I had to make just one more cast and that’s when I hooked into my first Restigouche salmon, I think. Well, like I said it was dark and I either hooked into the biggest trout I’ve ever had on the end of a line or it was a big ole Atlantic salmon. I guess by the way I’m writing this you can already tell I didn’t get to see it, but I did get to hear it clear the water a few times and smack down on the surface.

It sure sounded and felt big but we will never know but at that moment it didn’t really matter because I would have released it. I love allowing the bigger fish to return to breed more bigger fish. I was still shaking from the excitement once I returned to Jenny’s parents home for a late evening dinner of lobster.

Jenny’s dad, Arnold Jardine or Saddie as most knew him, had a big ole salmon ready for the next day’s dinner though. I miss going up to Campbellton since Dot and Saddie passed on.

Before closing here is a video from the Fishin’ Musician and TourismNB, enjoy.

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