Thinking About Cutting A 30 Yard Long Hole In The Ice

ice fishing augerNot doing a lot of fly fishing while everything is frozen but while Casey and I were out ice fishing for some smelts I thought about making a really lengthy hole about 30 yards long or so. This way I could bring my fly rod along too.

Some how I don’t think we would get much done with just Casey’s ice auger alone. I’m thinking we’d need a chain saw with blade that’s about two feet long.

If we had two we’d get done a whole lot faster. One guy cutting in one direction while the other cutting the other side going the other way. Maybe make it about two feet wide to be sure I could hit the water.

landscape ice fishing

Can you tell that winter is getting to me already and it’s the end of January, almost.

At least I have been out a couple of times. The first time Casey and I went to Shediac Cape to see how the ice was. As you can see by the photo above there were already guys out fishing through the ice. It was a beautiful sunny and comfortable enough for them to be outside instead of in their huts.

The following day we returned, cut a couple of holes in the ice using Casey’s auger, and have a fun time fishing and catching smelts.

smelt faceTook me a while to start catching as I had bought an ice fishing rig with hooks there were too large. Casey gave me a rig he uses and I instantly started catching smelts.

Our day of smelt fishing wasn’t quite as sunny as the day before. Actually it was really foggy and was strange looking across the ice into fog. But it wasn’t very cold and I managed to stay warm for hours.

ice fishing

tidal boreI walked downtown to see the surfers riding the tidal bore on the Petitcodiac river at Moncton.

I don’t like too many people around me so I stayed up river a bit but I could hear all of them when the surfers and tidal bore arrives so I had lots of time to turn the camera on.

Even the Canada geese were trying to find the ideal spot to watch the fun. Myrtle was in the lead and telling all the others to hurry up. I think there were about a dozen of them waddling along the muddy river bank.

canada geese petitcodiac river
Come on girls the tide waits for no goose.

IMG_6883I saw a guy getting into the water up ahead of where I was and then a second surfer joined him. Then they headed down stream to  meet up with the surfers already on the tidal bore.

They each had a long paddle and were moving pretty face. The surfers were heading for the bend in the river right behind the big red Inn.

I understand that two of the surfers I hadn’t seem coming up the river yet were from California and may one or two from other places.

Perfect the crowd that was closer to the bend was making a bunch of noise so I knew it was time to turn on the video camera. About a minute later I saw the edge of the tidal bore and then two surfers came into view.

camera ready

Once the surfers met up and were all around the bend a couple of water craft flew around the bend. They were there for safety reasons plus they picked up any of the guys that lost the wave and hauled their butts back to the front.

I apologize for the crappy sound. I turned most of it off but left some at the end. The little guy behind me was just too excited not to include. I thought the little guy was going pass out he was so wound up. The wind was blowing right across the front of the camera.

Had A Great Day On The Water Fishing The Canaan River With Jamie

jamie on the canaan riverSo glad to get out fishing with Jamie once again. I missed him last season. We did get out a couple of times early season. The  time we were able to fish together was the end of June.

At that time the water levels had dropped and we saw nothing but good scenery. The fish seemed to have moved to deeper waters.

I dressed as as light as possible as it was going to be a blistering day. Lots of sunscreen and a bit of bug spray and I was ready to do. Like Casey and I saw, sure beat staying home.

Enjoying My Canon PowerShot SX500 Camera

canon powershot SX500 ISJenny bought me a Canon Ppowershot SX500 IS although I went with her to pick out what I wanted. So happy with my choice of camera. What a great 60th birthday gift.

No one ever figured out why I shook all the time but it sure sucked when it came to taking pictures, unless I had a tripod setup. Not great for taking pictures while fishing.

Now I take loads of pictures and take my camera pretty much every where I go. All thanks to image stabilization technology.

My new camera is so good that I can still take a picture even when I’m excited and start shaking more than normal. Still can’t take macro shots when I’m shaking like that. I can even take pictures when I’m zoomed in.

Jamie Was Kicking My Butt Fishing

5We arrived at the river about 8:00 and after a five minute walk to the river we were ready to start fishing.

Jamie headed to the other side of the river and in just 4 minutes had his first bass of the day on the line.

That was an exciting moment for both of us as we were wondering if the fish were still going to be in this shallow section of water.

bass jumpWe continued wading for a while before the next strike which was once again on Jamie’s line and not mine.

I zoomed in and tried to get a shot of his fish jumping like a crazy fish. I was snapping them as fast as I could but all I got was this splash as it went back into the water.

I had been casting to the river bank where the grass was hanging over the water but wasn’t attracting anything. So I made a cast to the middle of the river and caught a chub, just to get the ball rolling. Of course Jamie’s response to that was to catch another bass.

The reflections on the water we so colourful. It kind of looked like Mother Nature had her paint brushes out again. Just look at the reflections on the water.

Mother Natures paint poured on water

wild roses along the Canaan river IMG_3905

There were wild roses growing everywhere we looked. Gorgeous little blossoms by the dozen and then I saw a few of these daylilies as well.


jamie's bassI know Jamie was busy kicking my butt so it was nice that he stopped long enough to wave. Hope he was using all his fingers there.

By this time I was catching up getting some fish and catching up.

Just about then I hooked into a huge bass, biggest of the day, but all he did was grab my bait then jumped about 4 feet out of the water and spit it at me. I think he grinned as well but then he was gone and didn’t come back.

That was about the most exciting three seconds I can remember having all day.

We came to a big bend in the river. Jamie warned me that it was a pretty mucky spot and he turned the corner on his side of the river. I just decided to cast right into the muckiest part of the bend and had an immediate strike. My first pickerel of the day.

I quickly caught a couple of pickerel which brought me even close to Jamie’s count. Even caught another bass in with the pickerel.

Surprising how fast the day past. I love days like that. All too soon it was time to call it quits and head back up stream to the exit point.


When it’s time to go, it’s time to go…

IMG_3957I was dragging my feet by the end of it and the walk back to the car was the longest walk I’ve taken in a long while.

I walked slow and took a lot more pictures on the walk back.

The final tally for the day was 9 fish for me with 2 chub, 2 perch, 2 pickerel and 3 smallies. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Jamie ended with 7 fish for the day. 6 were smallies and one was the biggest chub of the day.

A Scorcher of a Day Pickerel Fishing

hotWe knew it was going to get a hot day but on the way to Chipman it looked like it was going to be a bit foggy to start the day.

However once we reached the Canaan river the fog had disappeared but the sky was still cloudy. I have a feeling that cloud was just the fog rising.

I love fishing when it’s sunny and calm but when it’s as hot as it was already with no sign of cooling I’d prefer a cloudy day. I still like calm part for top water action but again when it’s as hot as it was I can’t help but wishing for some wind to help cut the heat a bit.

I remembered to put on sunscreen so I didn’t come home with a sunburn. Wouldn’t want to damage my baby like skin.

Tried A New Fishing Location

fishing spotWe always pass over this bridge on the way to Chipman and sometimes we even stop and walk down to see what things look like before heading on to Chipman.

I have fished a small area around this spot as I have always been in my float tube when fishing here.

I never had any luck although one day I had the biggest strike I can remember but never got to see the fish, at all, before my line snapped.

fat pickerelI was there one day in late July with three friends. There were loads of weeds everywhere but the channel that went under the bridge. The four of us had float tubes and spread out to cover more water but not one of us had a strike.

Casey and I fished here for three hours. The first two hours we had zero action. Then I turned around and there was Casey hold a 10” chub. First fish of the day. A little tater he landed a 21” pickerel and that was it. No more action at all.

After nothing for so long we decided to leave and continue on to the Chipman boat launch and try a couple of coves on the Salmon river.

angry pickerel

meWe enjoyed the day and by the end of the day we each had seven fish. Casey had the first fish of the day as well as the biggest at 24”. I had seven pickerel with my biggest being 23 1/2”.

As the wind picked up it helped with over heating problems but made it tougher top water fishing and staying in one spot.

I got the anchor our for a while but the wind kept getting stronger so it was time for the trolling motor. Sadly the trolling motor wasn’t getting the power so we had to stick with the anchor. Oh well I needed the workout.

It’s always nice to catch a lot of fish but on those days we don’t it’s just nice being out on the water.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

casey's boatI was so happy to take a day off from building our first hugelkultur bed to go fishing with Casey. He’s so much more fun than that big hole I dug in our backyard.

I think I should have tried a bit harder to find a couple of strong guys to dig the 4 foot x 8 foot hole 2 1/2 feet deep. It has actually taken me weeks longer than I thought it would take.

Hoping to have it completely today and get some wild flower seeds planted on it.

Started At New Horton Lake

I really enjoy fishing New Horton lake but it doesn’t take much time for the wind to create choppy conditions. For that reason it’s better to fish there in the morning and move to the river later if the wind does pick up.

I love getting pictures of the shoreline towards that back end of the lake. The terrain is all rock that’s been split and broken over many thousands of years of freezing and thawing. When I see the bare tree roots and shattered rocks I wonder how the whole area doesn’t just slide into the water.

new horton lake

I Think It’s Beginning To Be A Habit

caseyWhat!? Casey caught the first fish again. I must be losing my touch. Then he even catches the second smallmouth bass before I even had my first strike. Well I guess I’ve done that often enough.

When I finally did get a strike I was casting to the shore line using a Mepps and trying to keep out of the bushes and trees. When I lifted it out of the water it was a small 10” brook trout. That’s the first trout I’ve ever caught in the lake.

I’ve fished the brook that flows into the lake years ago and have caught many dinners but never actually fished in the lake back then.

Sandy Shoreline Seemed To Be The Pattern

casey drives on his tailerAs we were heading up one side of the lake I saw a small sandy beach the wind was blowing against. I love fishing the shoreline the wind is hitting.

When I saw this spot I told Casey I caught my biggest smallmouth on a spot just like this in Harvey lake and sure enough when my lure hit the water a bass smacked it.

He was only a foot long but thought he was bigger. I continued casting to the similar spots along the bank and landed about a dozen smallmouth bass.

The water conditions were changing by this time and the water was getting chopping and dirty so it was time to move to the river to see if we could get us some trout.

Casey backed his trailer into the water and rather than get in the water and push the boat out behind the trailer he just jumped back in his boat and drove it up on the trailer. That was pretty cool.

Used The Boat Launch At Riverside Albert

catching troutThe launch we usually use to get in the river had a few vehicles parked there already so Casey took me to a launch behind the Riverside Albert school. I didn’t even know it was there. The launch was out of the wind too.

We fished up and down the river for a few hours without any takers. Then we saw a couple of guys sitting in a boat. They had been there most of the day and had only caught one trout each. They were nice trout though.

At one point I saw a puff of smoke come up over the river bank near a turn in the river. I didn’t think Casey saw it so I said I’ll bet there are a couple of guys right around that corner. And sure enough there were two guys fishing from shore. Not sure what they were puffing but when we came around the corner there was no more puffing going on.

Saw More Bald Eagles Than Ever Before At Oromocto, New Brunswick

bald eagleSo glad I finally got a digital camera to take fishing and since then I’ve taken thousands of pictures. I try to balance fishing with picture taking so I likely look a bit crazy jumping around the boat like I do.

Pictures are a great reminder of our days on the water so I get a lot of scenery images and try to get any wildlife pictures I can.

bald eagle buttThe wildlife such as eagles can be tough to get images of as they tend to take off before we get close enough, so I do a lot of zooming to get pictures. Some times it works and some times I just get scenery with no wildlife in it.

The bald eagle is one of those pictures that are taken from a long way off as they see and hear us coming toward them and all I see most days are the silhouette of an eagle flying away.

Saw Plenty of Bald Eagles At Oromocto

It seemed like we saw at least one bald eagle every time we turned a bend in the river both on the Oromocto and Saint John river on Tuesday May 21. We did see quite a few pairs of bald eagles which is something I’ve seldom seen.

They may be nesting right now so they were probable fishing to feed their babies so they hung around in the trees just a little long than usual so I did get a few pictures that weren’t all fuzzy and far away.

bald eagle taking offI tried to get a picture of a pair of bald eagles but like the picture on the left one would take off before I got the camera on them.

I did like this shot of the second one ready to take off as we approached. I might need to carry my camera around my neck all the time so I can be a couple of seconds faster on the draw.

If you’re interested you can find more about Oromocto and about the bald eagle on Wikipedia.

Saw Some Juvenile Bald Eagles

juvenile bald eagleNow I say this is a juvenile bald eagles but I really don’t know. I checked online yesterday but couldn’t find info on any other eagles in New Brunswick so I am just assuming this is a juvenile bald eagle. Please let me know if it isn’t.

It’s not the best picture but it’s the best of the ones I got. The others had branches between my camera and the eagle.

Four Chain Pickerel To Start Our Spring Fishing 2013

caseyhasfirstpickerelIsn’t it a great feeling catching that first fish of the year? I so look forward to that experience each and every year and it never gets old, like the rest of us.

Monday Casey and I headed to Salmon river in the Chipman area for our first day of fishing in 2013. As Casey put it when he picked me up ‘Sure beats splitting wood’. It sure does.

I checked the post and pictures from our first day of fishing last year and noticed that the water level was at least three or four feet less than it was this year. I thought it was a cold day last year so it’s good to keep records, other than in my head, so I can compare. Turns out it was just as nice a day last year as it was this year.

We brought clothing to take on any conditions but soon started peeling off layers as the temperature quickly rose. We have a really sunny calm day with no clouds.

Salmon River Water Level Still High

Last year I remember there was more of the Chipman boat launch out of the water. When we walked down to see what the launch was looking like we saw that most of what was there last year was under water.

Casey backed the boat to the water, we did a check around the boat and then we were on the water for our day of fishing.

First Fish of 2013 Goes To Casey

I was looking around to see where I wanted to cast next and determined to get that first fish of the year but that wasn’t going to happen. Casey was being kind of quiets and when I checked to see if he was still in the boat he had the first fish on. Not even the net could knock it off the line. Believe me I tried.

First fish, a chain pickerel 19 inches long goes to Casey. Congrats. I will do better next year.

It Took A While But I Got A Fish Too

jim has a pickerelAfter someone gets that first fish it can seem like a long time getting my first fish and this day was no different.

Time on the water is different that time elsewhere so it seemed like hours getting that first fish in the boat but eventually I did but it wasn’t bigger than Casey’s pickerel.

Now that I had my first fish it was time to get one just a little bigger than Casey’s so I could at least have the biggest fish of the day. Even 19.5 would have done it.

After a few more hours, in fishing time, I caught a 21” chain pickerel and had the biggest and most fish.

Casey had a couple of pickerel follow his bait all the way to the boat and then turn away but he just couldn’t get another one to take the bait before I had a third pickerel and the day ended.

I Need To Slow Down And Practice My Aim

The water was so calm without no clouds in the sky that it made it hard to tell the real trees from their reflections so I ended up in branches more than usually. It gave Casey a chance to show his boating skills.

Why Take The River When We Can Go Through The Trees

The water in the trees was about six feet deep and made our trip out of this cove and back to the river so much quicker. Felt a bit like those Swamp People looking for gators.


By days end it was Casey with one chain pickerel for the day and Jim, that’s me, with three pickerel for the day. It was a slow fishing day but still so much better than staying home.

canada geeseAt home I don’t get to see too many Canada geese landing in my yard. I don’t get to see a Canada goose flying next to the truck like we did on our way Chipman.

Saw an otter swimming across the river too. Haven’t seen an otter for years. The last time I saw one I was fishing trout from a raft and one tried to get up on the raft to take my trout.

You can see from the image below that there wasn’t any breeze going on at all. At one point the wind did pick up and immediately the temperature dropped by more than 5 degrees. Had to put my jacket back on but after a couple of minutes it was gone and the heat was back.

calm water

As we were heading up river from the Chipman boat launch we passed Redbank so I was able to get a picture of the culverts. From there we could see how much the water was actually up in the river.

I have seen it almost to the top of the culverts and I have seen it less than half way down the culverts. This day it was two thirds the way up so I would say about six feet higher than it will be a few weeks from now.

redbank culverts 2013

I tried numerous lures without any luck at all but my trusty red worms did the trick as all three of my pickerel were on the worm.

What Are My Favourite Chain Pickerel Flies

pickerel on the flyWhat I have learned about fly fishing chain pickerel is that they are really not all that picky about what they attack. However there will be times that they just don’t seem interested and that’s when I like to get out my fly rod and try some of my favourite pickerel flies.

Okay I don’t just use them for pickerel as most fish like the same flies.

There are a ton of flies to choose from but I have a few that are the flies I always reach for when fly fishing for chain pickerel.  Even though there are times when I think I could toss a red hook at them and they would strike hard.

Our chain pickerel is a lot like the northern pike and muskie, just not as big, but pound for pound they are just as feisty and love nothing more than smacking most streamers, poppers and a many other top water flies. These are the same flies I would use for trout, salmon and bass.

The chain pickerel is an opportunist fish and most days it doesn’t matter if it looks dead or alive, they will probably smack it and like it. I do like to give my flies a little action to make them appear alive though.

The Mickey Finn Fly

I like the Mickey Finn fly and every species I fish like it and it can be used in a variety of sizes. So when I’m fishing brook trout I just use a smaller Mickey Finn that if I use when fishing our big New Brunswick Atlantic salmon smallmouth bass or chain pickerel.

The Mickey Finn is an easy fly to tie and only takes a couple of minutes once you’ve tied a few because there are few materials. You’ll need some stream hooks size 8 thru 12, although you could go with a slightly bigger hook if you wish to tie a bigger teaser.

The materials I use are silver tinsel, don’t tell my wife, yellow dyed deer tail and red dyed deer tall, black thread and some head cement. That’s it. So easy to tie and yet is so popular with the pickerel.

Just watched a video by Joe Cermele. He was fly fishing for chain pickerel and then tied a cool minnow like fly and then took it out and tested on some pickerel. I think I may have just found me a new fly to tie and try.

He is fishing this early spring and he is using a trailer hook. He also suggests tying in a weed guard if one is planning to use during the summer and I do most of my fishing during the summer and fall so I will definitely add weed guard. It’s a whole lot more fun to fish with the weed guard.

The Every So Humble Black or Brown Leech

woolly bugger flyAbout 30 years ago I tried black woolly bugger with a red butt. It easy to tie and only took a couple of minutes. I fish it with a leech in mind so I try to make it pulse through the water with short retrieves to bring the fly up in the water and then gently let it drop again.

It took me a few minutes to get the retrieve the way I wanted it and they started smacking it hard.

I tried to find the same fly on Youtube but couldn’t find the exact one as I was looking for a black or brown leech with a red butt. However I found lots of leeches with marabou tails. I haven’t tried fish one of those so I would just follow the plan but instead of a marabou tail I would replace it with red yarn as a butt section and not as a tail.

I may just tie a few woolly buggers with the marabou tail and see how they do for me.

Note: If you use wire to give some weight to your flies be sure to use lead free wire.

I think I might tie a few woolly buggers with red marabou feathers as a tail section and see if that’s more attracting to fish than just the red yard butt. Might take a little less action on the fly and catch more finicky fish.

Poppers Can Drive Fish Mad

I’ve never tied a popper myself but have used a few from others and I have just as much fun with a popper fly as I do with the varieties of poppers I use with my spinning gear. The key is to just be patient allowing the popper to sit until the ripples disappear before twitching or popping it again.

I Wanted To Try Fly Fishing Shediac Bay But It Was Too Windy

ice fishing shediac bay new brunswickHa, it would have been quite a sight to watch me fly fishing and trying to hit a hole in the ice that’s just a few inches across. Plus the wind would have played havoc with my cast, I’m sure.

Seriously though I wasn’t out for a day of fly fishing but it was windy enough that would could have done some ice sailing, even had to chase down a couple of buckets we brought with us that wind caught.

The forecast was for temps around zero which was fine with us. There was also suppose to be sun. Last minute the weather guy changed things and added 50 Km/h winds, from the north.

Last year I was ice fishing with Casey but he had a fish hut and a Coleman stove.

I bundled up with about every piece of winter clothing I have and was prepared to last as long as possible.

Casey brought along his ice fishing auger and within 5 minutes had two holed cut in the ice and we were ready to start fishing. The next blades he put on the auger cut through like the ice was butter. We parked our butts on a couple of buckets and put our backs to the wind and started ice fishing.

When we were walking onto the ice we saw this rustic looking tepee. I thought it looked pretty cool and I imagine it was quick portable.

tepee on shediac bay

I looked out over the ice and way off in the distance I could just make out the Point du Chene wharf although you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t know that’s what it was. I put a circle around the lighthouse.

shediac wharf in the distance
The lighthouse is in the white circle.

I have to say, again, that I love my Canon VIXIA digital camera. With my other cameras I wasn’t able to do much zooming without losing quality plus once I started zooming the image shook too much to make it worth taking. Not with my Canon though as you can see in the image below. I must add that it was very cloudy at this moment as you can see by the sky. I think the image still turned out pretty good for how far it was away from us.

shediac wharf in the distance2

building a fish hut on shediac bayWhen we arrive there were only two people on the ice and they were building a fish hut. Although shortly after they stopped and started fishing, with only the floor of their hut completed.

The one guy told us they would likely wait until Saturday to finish it. Hope it doesn’t snow or rain and freeze it to the ice before they are done.

With Our Backs To The Wind

casey ice fishing shediac bayWe setup our fishing rigs and were fishing in just a couple of minutes. I was sure glad to get my gloves back on because that wind made it feel about 20 degrees colder than when it stopped. However it didn’t stop very often and only for a couple of seconds at a time.

I am thankful that what little snow was on the ice was frozen so it wasn’t blowing around in the wind.

We stayed a couple of hours but didn’t get a strike and the wind wasn’t slacking off any so we packed up and headed back to the truck. Before we headed home though we drove around to see if there were others out on the ice.

We did see two other shacks on the ice but no one else. It was Thursday morning so most were probably working I guess.

The wind was so strong that it pushed the clouds really fast. It would go from really dark heavy clouds to clear blue skies in just a couple of minutes and then a couple of minutes later it was a black sky again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky change so fast.

A few times though the sky looked pretty cool, like in the image below. I didn’t take too many images though. It was just too cold to take my gloves off.

sky clouds and sun

When the wind stopped and the sun was out it was a whole different story. I could actually feel the sun on my body and it was even comfortable. I think I could have fished all day if it hadn’t been for the wind.

I still had a great time and laughed a lot which is why I go fishing with Casey.

Fly Fishing Destinations In Canada

fly fishing new brunswick salmonI have lived in Canada for 60 years, have been fly fishing for 30 years and love it more every year. Canada just has so many awesome places to experience ‘The Joy of Fly Fishing.

To-date I have only experienced fly fishing in New Brunswick and Quebec but plan to take a trip across Canada with my wife Jenny. I am sure as we drive across our great country I will be able to get in at least a little fly fishing fun.

At the time of this writing it’s the second week of October. The trees are putting on their fall colours and I can’t get enough of them. It lasts for such a short period. I’ve had days fly fishing where I just had to stop fishing and take in the view.

So I’d say autumn is my favourite time of year to fish, although spring time is close, after waiting all winter to get out fishing again and I love watching the new leaves of spring. So spring is the time I get the cobwebs out of my brain.

Even though I have only fished a fraction of what’s available to me here in Canada I do read and watch TV along with videos that show me how much I’m missing. It’s a big part of why I want to travel Canada once we both retire. Just six months to go.

I was raised in Ontario but never learned about fly fishing until I moved to New Brunswick at age 30. Now I can’t get enough of it.

Fly Fishing West Coast Salmon

A friend I used to get to fish with all the time went out west to visit his sister and while he was there he dove a few rivers taking pictures of the huge salmon. When he returned he showed me some of the pictures. Since then I have been eager to go out west for some salmon fishing on the fly.

Fly Fishing Canadian Northern Lakes

I have done some fly fishing for chain pickerel here in New Brunswick and even though they only get to a max of about 30 inches they are a blast on the fly rod. When I lived in Ontario we fished pike and some of them would eat our biggest chain pickerel for lunch.

I want to hit a few of those northern lakes for some great northern pike fly fishing. Maybe I will get the chance to get out with our son who moved to Saskatchewan to find work in his field. He has started to enjoy fishing and would be great to fish together for some of those toothy pike. He caught his first pike this summer and was pretty excited to do more fishing.

Fly Fishing For Giant Brook Trout

Living in New Brunswick I have done a lot of fly fishing for brook trout. The biggest I’ve caught here was about 3 pounds and the colours were brilliant. I enjoyed the battle, kissed him and let him back into the water. My fishing buddies were not pleased that I released it but I’m more into catch and release and will only keep a few small brook trout in the early spring.

I’d rather let them go so my son and his children can enjoy fishing them in their future.

Newfoundland and Labrador are well known for have monster brook trout. Some day I plan to get over there for a bit of fly fishing fun. I would also be doing some Atlantic salmon fishing on the fly while I’m there.

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